The beaver fades into Canada’s History

The beaver, the largest rodent in North America, is a national emblem in Canada. The first Canadian postage stamp, the three-penny beaver, carried its image. And one of Canada’s oldest magazines carries its name.

Sent to Scunthorpe

But not for much longer, according to the Economist. From April The Beaver will be renamed Canada’s History. You can guess the reason why. As beaver has become popular slang for female pubic hair, market research unsurprisingly indicated that many women and people under the age of 45 said they would not subscribe solely because of the name.

Readers also complained that Internet filters were blocking emails and newsletters from The Beaver. This is known as the Scunthorpe problem, after the town in England whose residents were unable to register with AOL because the name Scunthorpe contained an obscene word.

So beaver goes the way of other innocent words such as gay, queer and pussy – into the spam filter of history.

One thought on “The beaver fades into Canada’s History

  1. Tim

    Reminds me of a popular yet ill-fated chewable appetite suppressant marketed in the mid-80s. Its name (and the product) became a victim of circumstance, as it was phonetically identical to a mysterious, new disease that emerged at the same time….the chewables went by the name of Ayds.

    And yet, despite the unforeseeable consequences of sharing its name with the disease, was Ayds really a great name to begin with?

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