Naming Quick Hits

Spell Eyjafjallajokull

With the 2010 Scripps National Spelling Bee taking place this week and the finals scheduled for June 4, Yahoo! thought it would be fun to take a look into some of the recent misspelled terms and names consumers are searching for on the Web.

Name That Baby

Anxious almost-parents are paying up to $350 for baby naming consultation that includes phone interviews and packets of name options with name histories, …

2010 Hurricane Names

How are names chosen? At the advent of naming storms, all hurricanes were female. Male names weren’t integrated into the list of Mother Nature’s fury until …

Misery and joy as soccer teams name final squads

It’s not the best part of a manager’s job but it has to be done,” a glum-looking Eriksson said after naming his squad for the June 11-July 11 tournament in South Africa…

Help Vikram Pandit rename Citi’s subprime lender

Vikram Pandit needs help. The Citigroup boss isn’t wanting for more taxpayer funds but could do with some creative brainpower. Pandit is reorganizing CitiFinancial, the subprime lender he’s also trying to sell by closing a fifth of its branch network. But the shake-up also includes renaming the unit.

Fond Farewell to the Sign of Mercury, in the Descendant

With word that Ford Motor Co. may spindle the Mercury brand this summer (only about two decades too late, by my estimation) now is the time for yet another sentimental journey down America’s mid-century turnpike…

The 9 Hotels With The Worst Names In The World

How about a spending a night in the Ufuk Hotel? (Don’t miss the self-serve buffet breakfast, better known as the Ufuk Yourself.) Or imagine trying to book a room over the phone at the Ah Chew hotel. (Gesundheit!) And what could be more appealing than a little antibiotics-free stay in China’s Resist Bacteria Hotel?..

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