Labor Day renamed Sex Day

WASHINGTON – Due to the poor economy, Congress voted today to rename Labor Day. This year it will be called “Sex Day.”

Leaders of the House and Senate called their members back to Washington today for a vote on renaming Labor Day. Nancy Pelosi told reporters, “There are too many people out of work to have a proper Labor Day celebration. It just reminds people how bad the economy is. It’s too depressing. At the same time, we learned this week that the U.S. birth rate is at a all-time low, so we need to encourage our citizens to have sex and make more American babies.”

2 thoughts on “Labor Day renamed Sex Day

  1. julia

    if congress actually renames it
    to sex day, i will protest protest.

    it’s disrespectful to rewrite history.
    calling it “sex day” cheats on the real reason for the holiday.

    sex is a PRIVATE affair, not to be mandated by any government.

    the united states airs its laundry in public, why not make sex a public affair, call it “raunch day” and show pornography in the streets and fornicate in public squares? ms. pelosi can demonstrate. not sure the public eye is ready for that.

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