3 thoughts on “COURAGE UNDER FIRE

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  2. Completely agree with you. The internet may well be one of the greatest democratising forces, but that doesn’t mean that leaders should absolve themselves of responsibility. The internet is also one of the greatest amplifiers of noise, which occasionally creates a disproportionate effect.

    If the Gap management team believed in its strategy and its expression, it should have stuck with it. Instead, it betrayed a total lack of belief. And got everything it deserved.

    Starbucks seem to have a clear, sensible strategy that focuses on the long term – which is what strategy is meant to do – and it should continue to ignore so many idiot comments. I read one so-called brand expert ask “What should we now ask for: ‘a coffee formerly known as Starbucks?’ ” when he read that the name (perish the thought) was going to disappear from the logo. Personally, when I drive into a petrol station here with a big red and yellow sign bearing a familiar symbol, I don’t tend to ask for a few litres of what used to be called Shell.

    More power to your elbow, Starbucks.

  3. Tim Price

    Bravo, Alan. You’re the voice of reason amidst the din of armchair brand strategists and designers (of which, clearly, there is no shortage). If the critics were so insightful, maybe they would be too busy developing world-class brands to snark, snit and moan.

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