This England, this unhappy breed of men

If you thought those disturbing TV images of riots and cities in flame were from Britain, you’d be mistaken.

Bowing to political correctness BBC reporters have been told by the corporation to refer to the riots and rioters as  ‘English’ after protests from people in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Very apropos the post below (This England) it’s another sign of the degree to which England is being institutionally marginalized by the other component parts of the United Kingdom that want nothing to do with either the UK or England.

The English, meanwhile, are left to bemoan their lack of equal political representation and watch in horror as one very regrettable aspect of English life flares again.

2 thoughts on “This England, this unhappy breed of men

  1. Marlon Hooley

    What is Britain? What is the UK? Englishmen could not give a toss. We used to have a Queen of England, England won the World Cup in 66. The Welsh and the Scotch and the Irish are screwing us. They take what they want and reject Engalnd what it offends them.

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